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Hollybriar Bagpipers will help you to add that special touch to your wedding. Our musicians have a great deal of experience performing as the wedding bagpiper or combination of bagpipers and drummer at many weddings throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island at various locations including churches, on the beach and various outdoor venues, and reception establishments. Call us today to book a bagpiper for your wedding at 508-947-4383.

Bride Katherine L. wrote about her wedding: Thank you so much for the beautiful job the bagpipers did! They made my heart race when they started!

It was one of my favorite elements of the whole day! They truly were amazing! Thank you!


How do I hire a bagpiper for my wedding?

Call us at 508-947-4383 or use our Contact form and we can schedule your date and/or answer all your questions.

Why hire a bagpiper? Many people chose to hire a bagpiper for their wedding because they have Scottish or Irish ancestry, although many with no such ancestry hire a bagpiper or bagpiper and drummer, due to the sheer pageantry and grand

celebration that the proud music of this instrument inspires. One does not need to be Scottish or Irish to enjoy the special touch that the bagpipes will add. Many years ago, we had a bagpiper at our wedding, and friends and family still bring it up and how very much they enjoyed that touch!yo

Hiring a wedding bagpiper:You have a choice of one, two or three bagpipers, a bagpiper and drummer, or a mini-band combination of these musicians. Hollybriar Bagpipers and drummer are available to travel throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern New England, including Plymouth, Boston, Providence, and Cape Cod.Photo by Hilary Wood Photography

We understand that every wedding is unique and can offer suggestions regarding the choice of music for the bagpiper(s), as well as when and where to play. Often we play for guests as they arrive and/or depart either outdoors or in the church or reception venue.  

What will the bagpiper (s) and /or drummer wear?

Our bagpipers and/or drummer will dress in matching kilts and traditional bagpiper attire. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Other ideas such as the recessionals and processionals, are listed below. Please feel free to call Hollybriar Bagpipers with questions at 508-947-4383.

  • Bagpipes and/or drums played outside the church or ceremony site as guests arrive.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play for the or usher processional prior to ceremony.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play for the processional for the parents and bridesmaids.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play for the processional for bride.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play a special selection at some point during the ceremony.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play the Recessional for the couple after the ceremony.
  • Entertain during the receiving line and/or photographs after the ceremony.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play the couple to the limousine after the receiving line and/or photographs.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play perform outside the reception party as guests arrive.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play pipe-in the couple to the reception party.
  • Bagpiper(s) and/or drummer play entertain at the reception.
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